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A perfect solution to prevent under- and over-compression of the breast.

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Personalized breast compression for better quality without unnecessary discomfort.
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A perfect solution to prevent under- and over-compression of the breast.
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Clear visual guideline for
every breast compression.

We personalize breast compression

Breasts have different sizes. A small breast obviously needs less force to compress than a bigger breast. Why do current guidelines still advise to standardize compression based on force and not on pressure?


We developed a patented new technology which takes breast sizes and stiffness into account. It optimizes compression for every single breast, thus preventing unnecessary discomfort or pain: a highly reproducible procedure with a same physical experience, year after year.

Schematic drawing Sensitive Sigma™ Paddle

The Sensitive Sigma™ Paddle redefines the traditional approach. It has been designed to optimize breast compression around 75mmHg pressure. Every technological element, from the X-ray transparent foil to multiple sensors and the controller, has been designed to measure each breast individually. This data is processed instantly and the integrated LED lights serve as real time indicators when the Sensitive Sigma™ Paddle is lowered onto the breast. It provides the lab assistants a clear guidance when sufficient pressure has been applied. It avoids extreme pressures and prevents unnecessary pain, thus making the procedure more predictable. The Sensitive Sigma™ Paddle is not just better, simpler, and more convenient for the women. It sets a whole new standard.

Med-Tech Award 2014Think 75mmHg Compression

How does the Sensitive Sigma™ Paddle work?

  • The mammography technologists positions the breast and starts the compression;
  • During compression, the real-time pressure value is calculated and visualized using the integrated LED lights;
  • At the start of the procedure, without breast compression, only the first LED will light up;
  • As pressure increases, additional LED’s will light up;
  • When reaching the target pressure range the sixth LED (counted from the left) will light up;
  • The target pressure range is an indication of the optimal compression for this breast in this position;


  • True innovation supported by extensive scientific research
  • Available as small and large paddle
  • Easy attachment to existing mammography systems
  • Clinical evidence available
  • Holds CE marking
  • Sigma pressure curve led
Sigma Sensitive Paddle