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A breakthrough innovation in mammography based on extensive scientific research.
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Highly reproducible breast compression, year after year.
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Reproducible mammogram with similar image quality while avoiding extreme pressures.


2019 - ECR - EPOS
Christiaens, D., van Lier, M.G., and Claikens, B. "C-1955 Impact of introducing a mammographic compression paddle with pressure indicator in clinical practice on compression parameters and patient experience
2018 - RSNA - Presentation
van Lier, M., De Groot, J., Branderhorst, W., Schijf, L., Grimbergen, C., den Heeten, G., "Mammographic Compression Variability Increased after Removing Real-Time Pressure Indicator"
User experience with the Sensitive Sigma™ Paddle at the AZ St Lucas in Bruges
The Sensitive Sigma™ paddle was introduced at the Radiology department of the AZ St Lucas in Bruges, Belgium.  Radiologist Dr. Goris shares her experiences. "The patients accept the mammographic compression better because they can follow how...
Sigmascreening participates in the European Consortium "InMediValue"
Together with German-Dutch medical technology companies and research institutes, Sigmascreening participates in the European Consortium "InMediValue". The consortium is working on improving medical imaging for breast cancer with new technologies.
2018-03-02 - Diagnostic Imaging Europe
This article reviews the mechanical properties of the breast in compression. The optimal mean pressure value of 10 kPa is determined and related to research on physiologic pressure effects. Stiffening of the breast tissue correlates with...
The patient becomes central to the quality of her own mammogram
It was at the Institut Curie in 2017 that the Sensitive Sigma™ compression paddle was installed and used for the 1st time in France. This technological innovation, developed by the company Sigmascreening, optimizes breast compression during...
Approval for Sensitive Sigma Paddle use in Belgian screening
The Agency for Heathcare ("Agentschap Zorg en Gezondheid") has released the Sensitive Sigma Paddle for use in the Belgian breast cancer screening program.
2017-12-08 - Imaging Technology News
Study of more than 130,000 mammograms shows optimal compression pressure may improve recall rates, false positives and interval cancer rates
Sensitive Sigma™ Paddle released in Screening Bremen (Germany)
Reference Center Mammography North in Germany has released the Sensitive Sigma™ Paddle from Sigmascreening in the breast screening of Bremen.
2017-10-23 - Diagnostic Imaging Europe
This article reviews the question of breast compression in mammography in general and discusses the significance of two recently published articles on the relation between breast compression and the performance...
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