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Improving detection of Breast Cancer with compression at optimal pressure
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The same physical experience, year after year.
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Prevent under- and over-compression of the breast by standardization on pressure.
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Highly reproducible breast compression, year after year.
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Patented technology that optimizes breast compression
to what is strictly necessary.

Making mammography more woman-friendly

Mammography – the breast imaging x-ray technique to detect breast cancer – is often painful. To obtain high quality mammograms the breast needs to be compressed using a compression plate. Breasts have different sizes and tissue stiffness differs.


Sigmascreening has developed a new compression paddle, which takes breast size and tissue properties into account. The breast will only be compressed to what is strictly necessary for a high quality image. An experience which will result in:

  • Personalized treatment
  • Uniform compression
  • Less extreme pain
  • The same experience, year after year

Clinical studies have shown that using the Sigma™ Sensitive Paddle, breast x-ray images are at least as good as current images, while a large proportion of the women, especially with small breasts, describes a significant pain reduction.


We are driven to improve mammography and make it more woman-friendly. Our new Sensitive Sigma™ Paddle ensures that no excessive pressure is applied on the breast , thus preventing extreme pain and making the procedure more predictable.

The same physical experience, year after year

The mammography examination using the Sensitive Sigma™ Paddle is comparable to the current procedure: the technician (radiographer) positions the breast on the mammography unit and starts the compression. As soon as the breast is in contact with our innovative paddle, it collects information about the breast which was never available before. This allows us to personalize breast compression real-time and to take breast size and tissue properties into account.


During compression, LED light indicators on the paddle will guide the technologist to the optimum compression. This prevents under- or over-compression and results in the same physical experience without unnecessary pain, year after year.



The new Sensitive Sigma™ Paddle is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing and new mammography systems. The paddle interface differs between mammography systems and must meet strict standards and regulations. The Sensitive Sigma™ Paddle received CE mark in 2015 and is available in most European countries. We are happy to inform you about the nearest Sensitive Sigma™ Paddle in your region. Please send us an email or fill out the contact form.


Personalized compression


Personalized compression
For a high quality breast x-ray, a relatively mild standard pressure is sufficient. The Sensitive Sigma™ Paddle optimizes the compression for each breast individually around 75mmHg.

No unnecessary discomfort


No unnecessary discomfort or pain
The Sensitive Sigma™ Paddle visualizes the pressure information real-time, this enables radiographers to see at a glance when the optimum pressure is applied. This avoids excessive pressure being applied and reduces unnecessary discomfort or pain.

Standardize on pressure



Standardize on pressure
Pressure-standardized compression around 75mmHg results in the same physical experience, year after year. Therefore, you better know what to expect.

Measure size and shape


Individual measurement
In every single examination our innovative sensors measure breast-size and tissue properties. Based on this information, we are able to calculate the pressure to optimize the breast compression for every breast individually.

Highly reproducible procedure


Similar Image Quality
Scientific studies have shown that standardization based on pressure result in high quality x-ray images which are at least as good as before. Mammograms are excellently comparable, year after year.

Optimal compression


Avoidance of extreme pressures
A pressure-standardized protocol will avoid pressures that are too high or too low. This results in a more woman-friendly and comparable mammography.

Patented technology


Patented technology
The Sensitive Sigma™ Paddle contains advanced patented technology that optimizes the breast compression to what is strictly necessary for an optimal breast image.